What is Accunect Connect™?

Invest in yourself and plan to attend the Accunect Connect weekend seminar

During this transformational weekend:

* Learn a LOVE infused healing system
* A tool you can use everyday - that you won't be able to imagine life without
* Tap into the transformational energy of the Zero Point Field and feel connected to God, the Tao and the Absolute
* Connect to your intuition with clarity, wisdom and more effectiveness
* Bring in the feminine intuition
* Completely transform your practice and understanding of healthcare
* Quantum Physics, Traditional Eastern Medicine Theory and Sacred Geometry combine to create instant transformation
* Balance the body systems and energy systems
* Release beliefs and emotional patterns

Heal these issues and more

* Headaches and backaches
* Fibromyalgia and other pain symptoms
* Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders
* Digestive issues
* Immune issues
* Chronic Fatigue
* Learning disorders
* Infertility
* Endocrine disorders
* Musculo-skeletal issues

Knowing and experiencing this will lead to profound healing on all levels for yourself and your clients. In Chinese Medicine, the root cause of all disease is said to come from disconnection from the Tao. Reconnect to yourself, your true nature, and to Universal Consciousness creating healing on all levels mind body and spirit. This course will change your life, and if you are in practice, it will change the lives of your clients.


Accunect is Receiving Rave Reviews

"Throw out all preconceived notions of what it takes to be a 'healer.'  All you have to do is one thing - show up for this class."  S. C., New York City, US

"Powerful, powerful, powerful. Incredible shifts ..."  Angela Collins,Practitioner NZ

"Translates rocket science into oneness. A GPS for my life journey. Pearls of wisdom...."  Sheri Buckland, NZ

"I feel like I am home...."  S.J., US

This course rocks! ... having practiced these techniques all weekend, I know for sure that they are powerful...pure genius"  J.E., L.Ac

"Fantastic course! A truly holistic technique ... I will be able to use the technique in the office tomorrow..."  A.C. MD, Holistic Neurologist

"Ka'imi brings his deep connection to Source to his teaching, which inspires me to take my next step, without fear, to deepen my connection."  K.M. LPC, CBP


Pricing & Schedule

Course runs Fri 6:30-9:30 pm, Sat & Sun 9:00am-5:30pm
Early Bird price is $540 USD
Full Tuition $594 USD
Repeating student $297 USD