Stacey made me feel comfortable from the start. She explained everything, she was going to do, as it was my first time. I'm looking forward to discovering the results.

Groupon Customer

I didn't just stumble to this company, I'm actually married to the brother of Stacey and Sarah. While we were dating, he was telling me about his sisters business, which at first I wasn't sure, what to think. Now that I have experienced more than once session with Stacey, my mental and emotional down spiral, with everything I had been going through, seem to go right out the window. The body pain, in my joints, my head, the whole, is minimum to none. I have to admit I was curious about this company, and now since I have had three sessions, already, I am completely pleased with the outcome. I've learned a lot more about myself, that I thought I already knew. Thank you Stacey for the sessions, and Sarah, thank you for answering any and all questions that I have had.

RH- Georgia, USA

I stumbled on this company in living social and thought I would give it a shot.  I couldn't have been more pleased with Stacey and Sarah.  They are very committed to providing excellent service. This work "Accunect" is the best overall body mind and spirit "counseling" type session and the results have been miraculous!!  I have had emotional and mental blocks removed and my life has taken on such a positive turn, I couldn't be more thrilled.  Stacey's sessions are thorough yet quick and concise and very result oriented.  She is very professional yet warm, kind and dedicated to your success.   Every time I leave I feel so positive and encouraged.  I brought my daughter and her severe allergies to pets after one session have significantly subsided.  This is a great solution to anyone seeking a little guidance to their self improvement!

Nicole B.

Sleep Apnea

My son, Kekoa, at age 3 was diagnosed with clinically significant sleep apnea. The neurologist advised me to have his adenoids and tonsils removed. I disagreed with the surgical approach, and shared my preference to explore non-invasive alternatives. Needless to say, the doctor was not happy with my decision. I then changed Kekoa's diet to whole foods and began having a BodyTalk Practitioner do BodyTalk sessions on him. She also did sessions on me and my husband, Chris. About a year later, I scheduled another sleep study to see if there were changes with Kekoa's sleep apnea. If the results were worse, we would definitely have the surgery performed on him. If the same, we would meditate on the course of action. If better, we would continue with what we have been doing. When I arrived at the neurologist's office a week later to discuss the results of the study, he asked me, "What did you do?!" He was shocked. The results showed absolutely NO SLEEP APNEA! He was also so impressed with Kekoa's brain wave activity! What an amazing turn around beyond my expectations, and what a great opportunity to tell him about BodyTalk!”

SF - Virginia, USA

20 Year Old Neck Pain

I was introduced to BodyTalk by my niece, Stacey Felipe.   I have a old injury, herniated disc in my neck.  I have not had surgery on my neck, but turned to physical therapy at the time of the injury (20 years ago).  Over the years the PT helped me manage the pain.  From time to time, I get pain in my neck that persists.   I was experiencing a nagging pain on the right side of my neck near the occipital bone for quite some time.   My niece who is a Practitioner in BodyTalk visited me one weekend and told me about BodyTalk.  She offered to do a session with me.  I agreed and figured what could I lose by trying BodyTalk.  She did one session with me.  In a couple of days I realized that the pain was gone.  I could not attribute the disappearance of the pain to anything else except the BodyTalk session I received.  

I am a believer that the body can heal if the energies are flowing strong.  I also believe in a mind body connection.   I was so convinced about BodyTalk that I took a one-day seminar to learn how to do the BodyTalk tapping on myself.    It has been very beneficial for me and many times if I'm having a problem falling asleep, I will do the tapping and go back to bed and fall asleep or if I'm not feeling up to par, I use the tapping.    I believe in Western medicines in some circumstances, but the alternative therapies are also very useful and help.  I will definitely continue BodyTalk and future sessions.

BK - Virginia, USA

New Insight

I had pain in my wrists, pain in my heels, and in the balls of my feet (the pain was greater on my right side in each instance, and I am right-handed). These various pains made it difficult to bowl comfortably, which was my recent activity. After a few sessions, the pain began to dissipate fairly rapidly. As the session continued, the pain was gone as if it had never been there, and I bowled my best game!

Each session I found very relaxing and calming. I liked Stacey’s approach the most.  She has a great calm about her.  She is a good listener.  She is positive, yet realistic.  She is nonjudgmental and understanding.  She is very knowledgeable, yet not at all preachy or condescending.  She is open to new approaches and ideas within the session.  She helps to resolve emotional and mental conflict as well.  Her true goal is to help, and she is perfect for this job.

Here are some other personal items that Stacey helped me work through or have a greater understanding of: why I stay up so late at night, the hopelessness, helplessness, and lack of faith I feel upon my father’s death, my desire to be “positive” for everyone else, my tendency to be a people-pleaser, and my need for my children to always see me as “the fun-loving one” even though being a parent also requires some strict discipline at times.

Thank you, Stacey!  I enjoyed our sessions and benefited from each of them.

TG - Virginia, USA

10 Migraines a Month

I have been suffering from menstrual migraines since my teenage years and they have gotten progressively more severe and frequent in the last 10 years. I've tried several different prescription medications to various degrees of relief.  I even signed up for a medical study to try a new migraine pill.  

I had my first session with Stacey Felipe on 15 Jan.  During the session we talked about my history of migraines as well as a number of other minor issues. Stacey instructed me to gently hold my head - one hand on each side of my head near my temples - for a few moments. While doing I had a vision and sensation of light/heat at the right side of base of my neck.  While gently tapping my heart and head I felt the sensation of release and the light/heat at the base of my neck disappeared.  I typically have about 10 migraines a month and during the month of January after I had my session with Stacey, I only had TWO.  I did the technique she taught me on several occasions when I felt a migraine coming on.  Each time I did, the migraine disappeared without the need for me to take my prescription medication.  For the two migraines I experienced, I did not use the technique.

Since seeing Stacey and using this technique I have gone through almost two menstrual cycles with significantly fewer migraines!!

CG - Virginia, USA

Life Change

I have had a number of alternative healing sessions throughout the years; a regular client of BodyTalk.

At the time of my first meeting with Stacey, early November of 2012, I was facing a major life change… homelessness.

Our time together at the session was brief but very powerful.  She trusted her guidance and gave me two words.. Faith and Trust.  I knew immediately what they meant.  That one session and the ensuing case study sessions have kept me balances and able to endure the life challenges of the past five months.

I am so grateful for the gift that is Stacey Felipe!

TW - Virginia, USA


My now 4 year old daughter had problems with constipation about 3 years ago.  It was so bad and we had tried everything.  Stacey did one session on her and we have not had a problem since.

The session was quick and easy.  She explained everything she was doing and what it meant.

SH - Virginia, USA


“My father was in a car accident.  He didn’t want to go to the hospital so instead family brought him to my house which was close by.  I was not prepared for what I saw.  My dad couldn't open his eyes, could not walk, and couldn’t talk, like he was disconnected from his body or under the influence.  He was in shock!  So I asked my mom if I could just do a technique that might help him. She agreed and I did the SelfCare routine.  When I reached the spleen, he became conscious again and started talking. Within 10 minutes, he was himself again and able to attend his meeting that evening.  His back pain from the accident also healed very quickly.  Amazing result! ”

SF, Virginia, USA

SelfCare Class

The course will be beneficial – I felt a difference (for the better) immediately after doing the first demonstration.  Very relaxing- better than a massage!!  It’s amazing how we can use our own energy to balance ourselves.  

CG, Virginia, USA

I am grateful for the service I received from this business and I absolutely love Stacey! I felt so much better after the very first visit so you must try this wellness service.

LivingSocial Customer