10 Migraines a Month

I have been suffering from menstrual migraines since my teenage years and they have gotten progressively more severe and frequent in the last 10 years. I've tried several different prescription medications to various degrees of relief.  I even signed up for a medical study to try a new migraine pill.  

I had my first session with Stacey Felipe on 15 Jan.  During the session we talked about my history of migraines as well as a number of other minor issues. Stacey instructed me to gently hold my head - one hand on each side of my head near my temples - for a few moments. While doing I had a vision and sensation of light/heat at the right side of base of my neck.  While gently tapping my heart and head I felt the sensation of release and the light/heat at the base of my neck disappeared.  I typically have about 10 migraines a month and during the month of January after I had my session with Stacey, I only had TWO.  I did the technique she taught me on several occasions when I felt a migraine coming on.  Each time I did, the migraine disappeared without the need for me to take my prescription medication.  For the two migraines I experienced, I did not use the technique.

Since seeing Stacey and using this technique I have gone through almost two menstrual cycles with significantly fewer migraines!!

CG - Virginia, USA