20 Year Old Neck Pain

I was introduced to BodyTalk by my niece, Stacey Felipe.   I have a old injury, herniated disc in my neck.  I have not had surgery on my neck, but turned to physical therapy at the time of the injury (20 years ago).  Over the years the PT helped me manage the pain.  From time to time, I get pain in my neck that persists.   I was experiencing a nagging pain on the right side of my neck near the occipital bone for quite some time.   My niece who is a Practitioner in BodyTalk visited me one weekend and told me about BodyTalk.  She offered to do a session with me.  I agreed and figured what could I lose by trying BodyTalk.  She did one session with me.  In a couple of days I realized that the pain was gone.  I could not attribute the disappearance of the pain to anything else except the BodyTalk session I received.  

I am a believer that the body can heal if the energies are flowing strong.  I also believe in a mind body connection.   I was so convinced about BodyTalk that I took a one-day seminar to learn how to do the BodyTalk tapping on myself.    It has been very beneficial for me and many times if I'm having a problem falling asleep, I will do the tapping and go back to bed and fall asleep or if I'm not feeling up to par, I use the tapping.    I believe in Western medicines in some circumstances, but the alternative therapies are also very useful and help.  I will definitely continue BodyTalk and future sessions.

BK - Virginia, USA