Sleep Apnea

My son, Kekoa, at age 3 was diagnosed with clinically significant sleep apnea. The neurologist advised me to have his adenoids and tonsils removed. I disagreed with the surgical approach, and shared my preference to explore non-invasive alternatives. Needless to say, the doctor was not happy with my decision. I then changed Kekoa's diet to whole foods and began having a BodyTalk Practitioner do BodyTalk sessions on him. She also did sessions on me and my husband, Chris. About a year later, I scheduled another sleep study to see if there were changes with Kekoa's sleep apnea. If the results were worse, we would definitely have the surgery performed on him. If the same, we would meditate on the course of action. If better, we would continue with what we have been doing. When I arrived at the neurologist's office a week later to discuss the results of the study, he asked me, "What did you do?!" He was shocked. The results showed absolutely NO SLEEP APNEA! He was also so impressed with Kekoa's brain wave activity! What an amazing turn around beyond my expectations, and what a great opportunity to tell him about BodyTalk!”

SF - Virginia, USA