For those interested in trading sessions, my business is compiling a list of interested practitioners for the 5th year in a row. We gather the information and pair you with a different person each month for the Spring 2016 . Only requirement is to have one session a month with your partner. You can choose more sessions, the location, and times. Some elect to do the session and send results via email. Others meet in person if possible, by phone or video chat (ex. Skype, ooVoo, Zoom). Sessions are open to any modalities that are available to be done at a distance. Please forward to anyone you think would be interested.  This is great for those who might not have many practitioners where you live, need people to practice on, interested in experiencing other modalities or if you want to exchange with someone in another US state/country. A great way to stay connected!

New for 2016: Due to administrative costs and ensuring an energy exchange, we have added a fee of $5 USD for 6 month participation.  That is less than $1 a session for the year which is still a great bargain.  We feel this will draw only people who are truly available to give/receive sessions and reimburses our time to compile and maintain this list throughout the year.  Payment will only be accepted via Pay Now link below (Can pay by Debit, Credit or PayPal Credit).  Cut off for Spring 2016 registration will be Friday, December 4th.  No one will be accepted after the cutoff date and will be informed to wait until the Fall Trade registration.  Sessions will begin January and run through June.  We will have another registration period around June for the Fall 2016 Trades which will run from July to December.  Remember your registration is not complete until you pay the $5 fee.  Thank you again for your loyalty and understanding.  I have loved meeting many of you and experiencing deep connections.  Love, Stacey Felipe

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