What is a Healing Session?

In your session you may choose to lie down or sit in a chair.  We discuss what you want to change in your life and if it is the first session take a thorough intake or in subsequent sessions check on your progress.  When I actually tune in to do the session, I use an Accunect™ Health Map along with muscle checking to confirm my intuition.  This creates a custom healing experience for you.  Finding out what is ready to shift in your body to be balanced so it can heal itself.  I then focus and tap near your head and heart to get your body’s attention to those areas. It is noninvasive, easy, fun,  and fast.

We aim to provide lasting wellness for you and your family and help bridge the gap between ancient medicine and western medicine. We use consciousness based energy medicine systems such as BodyTalk, BreakThrough, and Accunect™ to assist you with your personal growth. These systems are based on other techniques such as acupuncture theory, modern biomedicine, neuroscience, osteopathic theory, tapping techniques, and quantum physics theory.

Services Offered

personalized private sessions
promote area healing arts classes
FREE monthly public presentations